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About us

Founded by high school friends Ricky and Julian, The Lekker Agency blends creativity with authenticity, prioritising genuine value and collaboration to fuel success.

Welcome to The Lekker Agency—where creativity meets authenticity, and passion plus data fuels every project. Our story isn't just about business; it's about friendship, dedication, and the unyielding belief in the power of genuine value, collaboration and transparency.

+ Friendship, flatmates and founding a firm
The duo's chemistry dates back to their high school days, solidified by weekly hangouts and a shared living space in inner city Melbourne. These humble beginnings, characterised by free gigs and learning curves, eventually evolved into a thriving business partnership we know today.
+ Blending heritage and ambition
Julian, with a designer's eye and an entrepreneurial drive, believed in the potential of crafting success on his terms, while Ricky found profound satisfaction in aiding others achieve greatness. Together, they continue to navigate the ebbs and flows of self-doubt and ambition, always seeking the next pinnacle of success.

The shift from Lekker Social to The Lekker Agency signified a broader vision. Ricky, the name's architect, was inspired by his Dutch heritage and the Dutch/Afrikaans word "Lekker," embodying the essence of niceness and quality—the core of their business philosophy.
+ Lekker’s secret sauce
What sets The Lekker Agency apart is the founders' complementary dynamics, in-depth work experience and belief in their team. Julian's meticulous nature and technical prowess blend seamlessly with Ricky's buoyant, nurturing communication style. Their differences are their strengths, fostering a harmonious, responsive and efficient workplace.

Running on a trust model, the agency thrives on autonomy and collective responsibility, ensuring that every team member is empowered to do their best work. And their clients come along for the ride too. Collaboration is The Lekker Agency’s superpower to achieve client success and value.

The Directors

Julian Brown
Design Director

From school book doodling to everything digital, Julian's path to becoming a design director started with a passion for 2D and 3D animation, mixed in with solid graphic design chops and a foundation in the early days of digital design. He offered a rare triple threat at the time - a designer that could bridge the gap between design and code.

With a passion ignited by the digital world, Julian upskilled to round out his talents with an honours degree in communication design - making sure everything he created came back to the strongest fundamentals of design, no matter what medium.

His career took off at a boutique studio in Melbourne, specialising in hospitality, arts and culture and working with clients like Melbourne Symphony Orchestra and Arts Centre Melbourne. Seven years of creative bliss later, Julian sought new challenges, leading him through various studios, and other in-house roles, each sharpening his design acumen until he co-founded The Lekker Agency.

Always a designer at heart, Julian believes in the power of surprise and delight in good design. His motivation? Satisfying his own uncompromising standards, and pleasing clients in the process.

Committed to social change, he lends his skills to NFPs, keeping the karma battery charged, and the good vibes flowing through the agency. Outside the studio, his world revolves around tech, local music, a good ‘ol pub beer, and his loveable (with a flair for the anxious) Labrador, Will.

With a nerdy love for semiotics and a strong believer in gender equality, Julian's not just about pixels and pups — he's a Design Director with depth, dedication, and offbeat charm.

Ricky Mutsaers
Marketing Director

Ricky's career path mirrors the vibrancy and ingenuity of his marketing strategies. Initially eyeing advertising in high school, he briefly flirted with teaching before realising his true calling lay in marketing. After a mature-age venture into TAFE and university, Ricky's professional journey took off.

Starting at Fosters Group, Ricky then spent a decade at Telstra sharpening his marketing skills. His adventures include ghostwriting for execs, orchestrating successful campaigns, and working on events with big names like Bill Clinton.

At Lekker, Ricky brings his knack for clever communication, rapid-fire copywriting, and innate Boss-like qualities. He finds joy in crafting perfect campaigns and solving intricate marketing puzzles.

Outside the office, Ricky is a sci-fi/fantasy bookworm and a BBQ aficionado (it's practically mandatory!). He’s also an accomplished soccer veteran, recently celebrating his 400th senior game.

Ricky's professional mantra? Honesty is the best policy. His drive comes from the thrill of being his own boss and the responsibility of leading a team.

In the community, Ricky extends a helping hand to small businesses and engages in pro bono work, spreading good karma. But above all, soccer remains his undying passion, always ready to discuss tactics and obscure Aussie soccer legends.

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Lekker was founded on principles of delivering value, being transparent about our process, and empowering clients to improve their communication. We prioritise working with and for our clients, offering honest advice and high-quality communication and design.