Blending innovative marketing and considered design, The Lekker Agency can provide an array of services tailored to any need and budget sweet spot.

Bringing together marketing and design under one roof means the range of services Lekker can provide is almost infinite. Being a nimble agency, we adapt quickly to our clients' needs to deliver beautiful, effective work every time. 

Our services are listed below, but they’re not exhaustive - if you don’t see what you’re looking for, just put us to the test.


+ Brand workshops and strategy
Collaborative sessions to shape or refresh a business’s brand identity and together we create a strategic blueprint for your unique brand.
+ Brand development
Strategically crafting a visual identity for your brand, aligning with goals, and ensuring it resonates with the target market.
+ Brand refreshes
Updating your brand's identity and communication to stay relevant to your target audience, strategically aligned, , and competitive.
+ Brand market research
Focus groups, guided by unbiased facilitators, gather honest feedback on your company brand.
+ Tone of voice
Define a clear and compelling tone of voice so your brand can be heard in the market. 


+ Graphic design 
Crafting visual communications to engage audiences and boost brand recognition and sentiment.
+ Digital design and UX
Optimising user satisfaction with intuitive design, ensuring seamless digital interactions and accessible content experiences.
+ Collateral design 
Design of visual materials that amplify your brand, strategically engaging and resonating with your target market.
+ Animation and video
Creation of captivating animations and video, blending storytelling with visual artistry for impactful reach.


+ Website design 
Collaboratively crafting websites with clients, ensuring smooth navigation and stellar user experiences for visitors.
+ IA and UX design 
Designing intuitive website information architecture (IA) and user experiences (UX), while guiding seamless interactions and user journey flow.
+ Development
Building dynamic websites that engage users across all devices, and are robust and easy to maintain. 


+ Marketing strategy 
Formulating tailored marketing strategies to amplify reach, engage audiences, and elevate brand prominence effectively.
+ B2B marketing
Marketing strategies tailored for businesses to engage other companies, fostering partnerships and driving mutual growth.
+ Content strategy
Strategising and planning content creation for relevance, ensuring each piece serves a clear, effective, and engaging purpose for the chosen audience.
+ Copywriting
Writing compelling copy for (literally anything) ads, websites, blogs, and social media to captivate and engage audiences. You name it, and we’ll write it!
+ Video content scripting and storyboarding
Creating detailed scripts and visual plans for videos, ensuring cohesive storytelling and impactful messaging.
+ Digital marketing
Utilising online platforms to boost brands, engage audiences, and drive growth in the digital landscape while adapting to data insights.
+ Pay Per Click advertising
Customised paid ads that appear when specific keywords are searched by potential users, driving qualified visitors to your site.
+ Market research
Delving into market trends and consumer preferences to guide informed business decisions and marketing strategies.
+ Campaign strategy and execution
Designing, launching, and managing campaigns to engage the target audience and effectively reach your business’ goals.

The Lekker Mission

At Lekker, we champion collaboration, inviting clients into our creative process. Merging insightful strategy with thoughtful content and design, we offer a vast array of services. Our nimble approach ensures rapid, precise results. Committed to transparency, we empower brands to communicate effectively, respecting audiences and inspiring action.

The Lekker Difference

At The Lekker Agency, our ethos is rooted in collaboration, adaptability, and unwavering commitment to our clients. Discover the distinct attributes that define our approach and set us apart.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

At Lekker, clients aren't just spectators—they're co-pilots! We brainstorm, banter, and build brilliance together. Collaboration? It's our secret sauce.

One-Stop Shop

Strategy, content, design? We've got it all! Why juggle multiple agencies when Lekker's got everything you need under one roof?

Your in-house out sourced team.

With the experience of being both client side and agency side, we specialise in bridging that gap and operate as part of your well oiled machine. We just give it way more arms and legs.

Not Just a Pretty Portfolio

We're all about value, transparency, and giving our clients the megaphone. With Lekker, it's not just about looking good—it's about sounding great too with a sprinkle of occasional honest advice.