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Brand Development

Conference 2023 Branding

The Association of Healthcare Supply and Procurement Officers are a professional association dedicated to the development of the procurement profession and the education and development of its members. Aligned to the event theme, Lekker delivered a bespoke brand across physical and digital elements, and ensured communication before, during and after the event was timely and effective.

The Brief

A professional development conference needs to look professional. Makes sense right? Well, despite boasting a rich history of bringing procurement professionals together, the AHSPO annual conference lacked a clear communication strategy and brand.

Our Solution

Working closely with the client to build a brand and easily replicable visual language, the conference was transformed from top to bottom, lanyard to booth. Supporting a fresh brand was a thoughtful communication and content strategy to drive registrations, engage with an online audience and build a content pipeline to reach far beyond delegates.

The Outcome

The branding communicated a clear theme for the event, and the consistent application of brand and tone of voice across all physical and digital facets presented a polished experience to attendees.
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